Return / Refund Policy

Remember that plants are living things and require your immediate attention upon their arrival.
Please read our planting instructions. If a plant has been damaged in transit, be sure to notify us as soon as possible.

  • E-mail only, within 3 days period. All claims must be submitted in writing only, and only within 3 days after delivery. Please email us if you have any problems; if you call us regarding any claims, you will be asked to email us anyway. We do not accept any claims after 3 days of order arrival.

  • Returns. If an item hasn’t met your expectations, you can return it within 3 days of order arrival using proper packaging and recieve the plant cost refund after we get the item back in good condition.

  • Shiping and handling costs generally are not refundable. However after reviewing photos we reserve the right to make a decision on sending a paid return label.

  • Damaged items. We can not be responsible for temperature damage of plants during transportation (heat or cold). Please notify us if weather is not permitting, we can hold your order!
    In some cases we may replace a dead or badly damaged plant only if the damage was caused by improper packaging and only after receiving a picture of the dead plant or returning the plant at our expense - in order to determine the reason of damage. Please contact us first before sending the plant back to us.

  • Lost package. If you believe your package was lost in transit, we reserve the right to initiate the inquiry to determine if the package was actually lost. We follow proper shipper procedures to determine if the package was signed by another person, stolen, or lost. If you have not received your package and the shipping company confirms lost package was not delivered, then we will re-ship the order again. We will not reship or refund orders for which the shipping company can confirm delivery at the destination. 
  • Order changes or cancellation. If you decide to change something in your order, remove/add items or cancel your order for whatever reasons, you have to do so in writing (email or fax). We do not accept any order changes over the phone. If your order has been already packed then no changes can be made. If you decided to cancel the order, cancellation/restocking fees may apply (up to 6%). 

  • Responsibilites. Once you received a plant - this plant becomes yours. No guarantee, expressed or implied, is made for the successful growth after planting. We will not assume responsibility for plants which have died as a result of improper planting or care. If you don't know how to grow a certain plant, please, contact us with any questions in advance.

To make the return process easier, follow these steps:

  1. Contact us regarding returned item ASAP
  2. Please pack a plant properly, since we issue a refund only if a plant is returned to us in good condition. We took great care packing plants before shipping to you and we expect plant to be packed the same way. Don't just trow it in a box and expect us to accept it.
  3. Ship a plant using the same service you received it. If you have questions or need return labels, we can provide it for you
  4. Try to ship it on Monday-Tuesday, so the package is delivered to us before the weekend.