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Tropical Treasures Magazine

#4 (Winter 2008)

Daniel J. Gilbride, Galiya Okhapkina, Gordon Bower, John Mood, Michelle Healy, Tatiana & Mike, Susanna Lyle.
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  • Plant School and Clinic
    • Potting soil
      • ...Some practical recommendations regarding the selection of soil mixes...

  • Plant science
    • Linnaeus and Phylogeny
      • "...Why is my Michelia now a Magnolia?  Did it mutate since last week? Now I have to change all my labels!  Does this dilemna sound familiar?  Well best you get use to this drill, as it will continue for a long time in the future.  Botany has discovered DNA..."

  • Do-It-Yourself Projects
    • Winter special: effective, low budget heating systems for tropical plants

  • Plant stories
    • A story told by one Camellia
      • ...A touching story told by a plant brought into a new home by unexperienced gardener... Common mistakes and what a treated plant may feel like...

  • Legendary plants
    • Theobroma Cacao - an exciting present from Tropics
      • ...All about Chocolate tree and how to grow it. Grow your own chocolate!..

  • From Gordon – The Palmaholic
    • Palm nutrition program: Feed your palms properly to keep them happy!
      • ... If you want to grow palms, no matter the climate and whether indoors in pots or outside in the ground, you need to fertilize them properly. Growing in their native environment, they do fine without being fed, but everywhere else they have nutrient needs that need to be met if they are to look good, or, in some cases, even survive...

  • New introductions
    • Strongylodon - Jade Vine:
      • ...This bizarre plant has extraordinary flowers which seagreen/turquoise color is almost beyond description. The hue is probably the rarest in the world of flowers...

  • Growing outdoors
    • Hail to the Musa
      • ...In my work in the topics, I have been asked many questions regarding cultivation of the musa family, basically bananas and plantain, their care, growth habits, etc.  As such, I believe they deserve a thorough explanation, some of which I have learned by practice, some from the 'women of the rain forest' who seem to have age old answers for many of our modern day questions regarding tropical plants... 

  • Exotic Kaleidoscope
    • I'm feeling blue...
      • ...When talking about rare plants, one should mention rare colors. Blue is an unusual color in the tropics that can brighten up your green-red-and-yellow tropical garden or greenhouse collection ...



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