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"...Your magazine fills a void in a publishing world - there are no other magazines on the newsstand that focus on growing tropical plants either indoors or outdoors where possible... The graphics are very good and the writing is very interesting and informative...
My fascination with tropical plants stems from trips to the tropics as well as having been a biology teacher for most of my life. Young people do not find plants as fascinating as animals so it proved a challenge to get their attention. Tropical plants, with their incredible diversity ad evolutionary mechanisms for survival, did the rick...
Keep the good work and I will look forward to learning more about the plants of the tropics..."
Warren Marchioni, biology teacher, NJ

"...Experience is the best teacher, and having a knowledgeable source to turn to for reliable information about tropical plants and gardening is finally available in magazine form. Tropical Treasures quarterly magazine presents information about tropical plants in an easy to read format. Its tone is straightforward and friendly, akin to getting gardening advice over the backyard fence. The premiere issue featured fascinating feature stories including ’Growing Tropicals in a Non Tropical Climate’ and ’Pioneers Hot-House in a Freezer’ detailing the exploits of a teenage couple who started their own tropical nursery in a bitterly cold Russian town called Zelenodolsk. If they can pull that off, I have no excuse for accidentally killing my Philodendron!.. Whether you want gorgeous ginger plants on the patio, cold hardy bloomers that return every spring, or succulent species that echo the deserts of the Southwest, it’s never been easier or more exciting to bring home a taste of the tropics..."
EDGE New York City, by Mike Diamond

"...the magazine looks... fabulous. A good idea: as well as those in North America, you're sure to find a good market in Aussie, where they're really keen on unusual, hot-loving species.  I liked the depth and wideness of topics you are covering in the magazine, plus your style of writing. It's sometimes tricky to be informative, yet not boring, patronising, or glib, etc.:  the wording came across as professional, direct, but also very readable... The magazine seems very-well put together: well done. Just after a quick glance I can feel the enthusiasm and inspiration emanating from it!.. "
Susanna Lyle, writer, author of "Fruit and Nuts", New Zealand

"...I like your tasteful publications and the spirit behind them, so I am naturally inspired to support the magazine..."
Sadhu Govardhan, tropical fruit grower and writer, author of the "Oro Verde", Puerto Rico

"...I just read your magazine and find it exciting ... there is so little out there at this time... I have been growing sub tropical and tropical plants all my life without ever having lived in  the tropics! As I have traveled I have always noted plants that seemed to be growing in places they should not have been and spoke with local people as to how they did it... Rather than use those common, boring, bedding plants, my garden is a riot of tropical color when I take my plants and sink them into the flower beds for our too short summers...  many which are deer proof  in addition. While the local people are fussing with pansies now, I have already moved out my dracaenas and raphis palms and it looks like summer in my garden.  The plants in my greenhouse are screaming to get out!.."
Michael Passarello, CT

"...Fantastic!!! a beautiful resource for plant lovers... I wish you much success!! Thank you very much for all the hard work..."
Stephen Ripper, a plant enthusiast

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