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Tropical Treasures Magazine 2007 -

Tropical Treasures Magazine

#1 (Spring 2007)

Alex Butova, David Stang, Gordon Bower, Michelle Healy, Tatiana & Mike
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Cover photo:
Moninda citrifolia (Noni Tree)

  • A Foreword from the Authors

  • Zone-Pushing
    • Growing Tropicals in Nontropical Climate
      • ...Important tips about growing temperature-tender plants in the ground in Florida, California and other areas with a mild winter...
    • Three Freezing Nights in Southwest Florida
      • ...We knew it would be cold. Everybody warned us it gets below freezing in the area where we bought our new property for a tropical botanical garden in marginal zone 9b/10a. Some friends made a wry face, saying we made a wrong choice and would be sorry later, but were still here after February frosts...

  • Do-It-Yourself Projects
    • Hothouse in a Freezer
      • ...Living in the small Russian town of Zelenodolsk (neighboring cold Siberia), Veronica and Andrew found their enjoyable trouble by creating a tropical garden in a former commercial refrigerator room. Moreover, they managed to make a successful small-scale business selling home-grown exotics...

  • New Introductions
    • New Fragrant Plants of the Annona Family
      • ...You gotta see those beauties and... smell them!..

  • Natures Food and Pharmacy
    • Noni - Life Sustaining Plant
      • ...Many people have heard about mysterious and miraculous Noni, but a few of them know exactly what it is. Famous Healing Noni Juice is produced commercially and sold in bottles pretty expensive, while it is possible to grow this small tree not only in your yard, but indoors as well, and have a constant crop of fresh fruit...

  • From Gordon The Palmaholic
    • Introduction to Palm Mania
      • "...After a palm-planting blitz in 2006, Im up to 120 palms in my yard. That, my friends, is many..."

  • Travel - Meet the Tropics
    • Florida: A Visit to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
      • "...Visiting Fairchild was a dizzying experience, especially for someone from the snowy north, where most of the plants were struggling with ice. For the three days I was there, I was the first in the gates each day, and stayed until after closing. I took about 7,000 photos..."

  • Exotic Kaleidoscope
    • Plant Trivia Amazing Facts

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