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Tropical Treasures Magazine

#3 (Fall 2007)

Andrew Mazour, Daniel J. Gilbride, Gordon Bower, Marina Rybka, Mark Hooten, Michelle Healy, Tatiana & Mike
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  • What color is your thumb?
      • "Green thumb" is pretty much a materialistic knowledge rather than a spiritual inclination or magic gift. All you have to do in order to eventually get your thumb green - just follow some simple rules...

  • Plant School and Clinic
    • Green Thumb ABC - Part 1.
      • ...Remember, to prevent possible problems is much easier than to treat them.  To start with, just try to follow these simple rules...

  • Do-It-Yourself Projects
    • Indoor lighting for tropical plants – PART 2
      • ...Second part of recommendations on indoor lighting for plants, including selecting of light fixtures...

  • New Introductions
    • Adeniums - Dotted, Striped and Multicolored
      • ...The hybrid flowers are spectacular. Colors range from pure white through baby pink to deep red and even purple, with amazing variations and patterns. Spotted, dotted, striped, margined designs look almost artificial. But the most interesting effect is a multi-grafted adenium where you can see several colors of flower on the same plant!..

  • Legendary plants
  • Biblical plants
    • ...In childhood, almost everyone hears the famous story of Ali-Baba and his magic words “Open, sesame!”, yet we rarely make the connection between this magical utterance and the little seeds we eat on our hamburger buns and use to make candies and oils; yet these are one and the same. This can also be said about plants that are mentioned in the Bible. Their names share the distant and mysterious echoes of the laurel of Greek mythology and the posies of Shakespeare’s plays, although we still encounter many of these plants species in active use every day...
  • Nature's Food and Pharmacy
    • The King of Fruits
      • ...If you were a contestant on "Do You Want to be a Millionaire?" and you were one question away from the million dollars with no life-lines left, and the question was:  "Which was the first fruit brought back from the New World to be sampled by European Royalty?.. 

  • From Gordon – The Palmaholic
    • Where and how to buy palms
      • ...Since I’ve spent my last two Palmaholic columns trying to convincing you readers out there to grow palm trees, I guess I should give you a little advice on where to buy them. It’s not as easy as you think, unless you want to plant the same boring palms all your friends and neighbors have in their yards or patios...

  • Healing Garden
    • Loving Horticulture and Rehabilitation
      • Few people plan for catastrophe in their lives.  Our brains are wired so we rarely think of “When I get run over by a truck....”.  I was told by all doctors that I would not walk again, work again, use my hands again or garden again.  Never garden again?  My life-long passion? I found my motivation when that statement was made...


  • Travel: One amazing trip
    • Freshmen of Tropics in Indonesia
      • ...It's impossible to discribe in one short column the author's impressions about this amazing country consisting of 16000 islands... So here is some botanical tour around it...

  • Exotic Kaleidoscope
    • Eye-catching pictures of tropical plants. Curious Flowers.
      • ...Some flowers may look inconspicuous or plain when hidden in lush foliage, others perform a spectacular view of massive, multiple clusters or spikes. In both cases, the flower itself can be fully appreciated when encountered tete-a-tete...

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