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# 18 (4) 2011

Plantaholic column

Four Black Nut Trees of Ethnobotanic Interest, PART 2   

...The Pili is what real nuts are all about. They are eaten raw, roasted, toasted, glazed, pounded, sauteed, baked, broiled, smashed into butter or however you choose. The kernels are rich, oily, crunchy-soft, and of course, delicious...

Growers of beauty

Garden of Eden by the Polar Circle   

...If anyone thought about growing tomatoes and tropical flowers in North Alaska, this is not a limit yet, believe it or not. Lubov Karpushina (Luba) lives in a small town Beloyarsky of Siberia, Russia which is 100 miles from the Polar Circle. This means, the annual average temperature is 29F! Cold, dark, long, snowy winter and very short summer (June-August) with high temperatures in their 60's... What can you possibly grow there?..

Growing indoors

Amorphophallus: unusual method of propagation and growing indoors   

...Amorphophallus is very showy exotic plant from Araceae family, it is a herbs with an underground storage organ - a tuber. Nowadays is becomes more and more popular in plant collections. It is pretty easy in cultivation, and even amateur gardener can grow it successfully both in the ground or as a house plant...

Ask the pros

Tropical treasures Q&A: fragrant vines  

Q: I'm looking for vines to grow on my fence, some that smell good and
some that have beautiful blooms, what would you recommend?...
There is a number of tropical and subtropical vines that produce fragrant flowers and are a good choice for landscaping needs being low maintenance and requiring very little care. These are some suggestions....

Meet the tropics

Growing Lychee in Southern Landscapes

...If you live in a warm climate, like Florida or South California, no doubt you will be interested in getting a Lychee tree for your garden to enjoy fresh delicious fruit. Generally not the easiest plant to establish, Litchi chinensis is very fascinating species that can be successfully cultivated in home gardens providing proper care. Many varieties available from professional growers, but you have to be careful to chose the right one to fit your garden conditions and satisfy your needs...

Zone pushing

Dealing with cold damaged plants 

...Trying to grow tropical plants in sub-tropical climate means cold damage is inevitable. Tropical and sub-tropical plants can be damaged at temperatures above freezing, and there are two different types of freezes or frosts – radiation and wind frost...

Eexotic kaleidoscope

Spectacular winter bloomers 

...If you are looking for a low maintenance, hardy and yet exotic winter bloomer that fits any small garden, Striped Philippine Violet is the perfect choice...
...Garlic Vine: This spectacular bloomer from is originated from South America, from Mexico to Brazil, and also known as Ajos Sacha ("false garlic" in Spanish)...

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