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# 13 (3) 2010

Growing indoors

Ficus carica (Fig Tree): "Each man under his own vine and fig tree"

...It was one of the first plants to ever be cultivated by humans. Fossilized figs dating around 9000 BC were found in an early Neolithic village in the Jordan Valley. The find is the first known instance of agriculture. Figs may have been planted and cultivated intentionally, thousands of years before any other crops were domesticated. The biblical quote "each man under his own vine and fig tree" has been used to denote peace and prosperity...

Growing Fig Trees as house plants

...Fig trees are best known as grove plants, or large dooryard trees. However, they can be grown as houseplants, making a wonderful tropical atmosphere in your home, as well producing quality fruit. Many plant collectors have successfully grown figs in containers, as they adapt fairly well to indoor conditions; they are undemanding plants. However, the lack of fruit production, in spite of all efforts, is their most common frustration. So what are the secrets of fig production indoors?..

Plant School & Clinic

Cold tolerance and cold sensitivity

...It is important to see the difference between cold sensitivity and cold hardiness. These are not the same. Cold sensitivity, as a part of seasonal sensitivity, determines the sensitivity of the plant due to seasonal changes such as temperature and/or light levels. it triggers a variety of biological processes such as dormancy, leaf dropping, or winter flowering. Cold hardiness is the ability of the plant to survive certain temperatures...


Winter checklist

...Hopefully, this winter will not be as cold as the last one, but it is still better to be prepared rather than not. here is a simple checklist, which will help you to protect your plant collection...

Nature’s Food and Pharmacy

Overlooked fruit: Tasty loquat recipes

...One of the easiest and hardiest of all subtropical trees is also a reliable heavy producer: it is Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica). It may start blooming as early as Fall and continues through Winter, flowers usually do not get damaged with occasional frosts. The apricot-like juicy loquats will follow in abundance during March-April and will cheer you up as earliest fruit of the season. But after eating a few handfuls of fresh deliciousness, a question comes up: now what should I do with THAT much fruit?..

Growing loquat tree in container

...Loquat is pretty hardy tree and can be grown even in mild temperate climates, surviving temperatures as low as 15°F (Zone 7b to 8). however, if you live in colder climate, this fascinating tree can be grown in a pot and brought indoors during winter months...

Growers of beauty

Exotic rainforest: Tropical Paradise up North

"...If you are going to build a rainforest atrium and you are not in Florida, Southern California, or a similar climate, the first concern should be how to keep the plants warm year round...."
Steve Lucas is sharing his know-how about creating a rainforest in Arkansas (zone 7A) without using big budget. Amazing story, with lots of pictures and Do-It-Yourself tips; it will help you to avoid mistakes and make your dream come true.

Exotic Kaleidoscope

August bloomer: Senna Multijuga

Tropical Q & A


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