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# 2 (12) 2010

Legendary plants

The divine plant of Incas: Coca

...Coca. What's the first thing that comes to our minds when we hear this word? Coca-cola, cocain, drug-trafficking, or Colombian drug cartels? Did you know that coca was one of the most important agricultural plants of ancient Inca culture? To them, coca was a goddess of health and joy...

DIY projects

Indoor Lighting and Plant Light Requirements

...The most common question customers ask when buying a new tropical plant, is – “Full sun or shade?”. In most cases, we recommend “the more sun, the more bloom!” (or, in case of a fruit tree, the more fruit production). However, there are two aspects that should be taken in consideration: 1 – some plants are, or believed to be, shade lovers; 2 – gardeners up North can't grow tropical plants outside year round, and often bring them indoors for winter, or inside a greenhouse with limited light. The question is – how much light must be provided to satisfy particular plant's needs?..

Plant school and clinic

Exotic hoyas - secrets of growing

...Hoyas are one of my favorite plants because of the unique shape of the flowers and their fragrance. They also have interesting leaves with all shapes, colors, and textures. On top of that, hoyas are easy plants to grow and most people can grow them regardless on where they live. They are so unique in many ways and that is why gardeners are discovering, collecting, and falling in love with them. Hoyas are now becoming so popular that many beginner gardeners are familiar with the name ‘Hoya’ and even recognize a hoya when they see one....

New introductions

Myrtaceae for garden and potting culture - Part II (Fruit)

...When talking about Myrtaceae, a very special plant family, one can not underestimate its importance in our life. The diversity of these plants spread from flowering showy Bottlebrush tree, Tea Tree and all-time favorite Myrtle to valued fruit such as Guava, Java and Rose Apples, Jaboticaba, Feijoa and tropical cherries – Eugenias. Moreover, we should thank this plant family for delivering to us important essential oils and spices such as Allspice, Clove, Bay Rum and Eucalyptus...

Exotic Kaleidoscope

Tropical fruit recipes: Loquat Kompot

...One of the easiest and hardiest of all subtropical trees is also a reliable heavy producer: it is Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica). It may start blooming as early as Fall and continues through Winter, flowers usually do not get damaged with occasional frosts. The apricot-like juicy loquats will follow in abundance during March-April and will cheer you up as earliest fruit of the season. But after eating a few handfuls of fresh deliciousness, a question comes up: now what should I do with THAT much fruit?..

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