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Tropical Treasures Magazine

# 11 (1-2010)

Legendary plants

Kiku: the art of Japanese Chrysanthemum

...The chrysanthemum, kiku in Japanese, is the most celebrated of all the Japanese autumn-flowering plants. Kiku arrived in Japan from China where the flower was admired for its beauty and believed to have medicinal properties that promoted good health and long life. The Japanese Emperor was so smitten with the kiku flower that he adopted it as his personal crest, and it remains the insignia of the imperial family today. The art of growing and displaying Kiku for the Emperor's garden represented by amazing Imperial styles: Ozukuri, Ogiku, Kengai... Imagine growing out of one stem a single chrysanthemum trained to produce hundreds of simultaneous blossoms in a massive, dome-shaped array...

Zone pushing

Ready-for-winter checklist for in-ground plants

...In subtropical areas of the US such as South Florida, South California and South Texas, the coldest time of the year is January-February, when the risk of freeze occur. During these couple months tropical plants in the ground require some extra attention and special care. Make sure your in-ground tropical plants are well prepared for cold spells. It will help you to avoid extensive plant damage or loss. And this is how...

From Gordon the Palmaholic

Think small

...A palm doesn't have to be 30 feet tall. If you have a small house or a small yard, if you can't bear the thought of a large royal or washintonia, there are many small palms fit in your yard...

New introductions

Myrtaceae for garden and potting culture

...When talking about Myrtaceae, a very special plant family, one can not underestimate its importance in our life. The diversity of these plants spread from flowering showy Bottlebrush tree, Tea Tree and all-time favorite Myrtle to valued fruit such as Guava, Java and Rose Apples, Jaboticaba, Feijoa and tropical cherries – Eugenias. Moreover, we should thank this plant family for delivering to us important essential oils and spices such as Allspice, Clove, Bay Rum and Eucalyptus...

Exotic Kaleidoscope

Yellow winter bloomers  

...Yellow Cassias are widely used for yard and street landscaping in both tropical and subtropical climates as they are very cold- and wind-resistant, fast growing, and display spectacular showers of golden flowers during Fall and Winter months, when most of tropicals are out of bloom...

Tropical Questions & Answers

...How to re-pot a plant properly?....


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