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Tropical Treasures Magazine 2007 -

Tropical Treasures Magazine

# 10 (3-2009)

Legendary plants

Flower names: Myths and Legends

At all times, people all over the world created legends about flowers. Those stories, passed through the generations by word of mouth as fairly tales, eventually affected scientific plant names and botanical taxonomy the way we have it nowadays. A legend defined different plant characteristics and qualities, place of origin or even a mystery related to it. Later this information influenced a plant's common or scientific name, genus and even the whole plant family name. The more popular the flower, the more superstition and meanings have been associated with it.

Plant school and clinic

Growing plants from seeds: Part 2. Taking care of seedlings

Growing Lotus from seed

This beautiful legendary flower, originated from Tropical Asia, can be easily grown virtually by anyone: in a pond in mild climates, in a barrel as a small garden favorite, or even indoors. Under favorable circumstances Lotus seeds may remain viable for decades and more, with the oldest recorded lotus germination being from that of seeds 1300 years old recovered from a dry lake bed in northeastern China...
There is a little secret though how to make sure the seed will readily germinate. Mother Nature created seed of the Lotus as a very hard nut, preserving the future offspring of this magnificent plant for years until favorable conditions occur for germination...

Top Tropicals Guide to in-ground planting: How to plant a tree

A wise man said, "One's life is worthwhile as long as one had completed the Tree Tasks: 1) build a home, 2) raise a child, and 3) plant a tree". For the most people, the first task as an American Dream sooner or later comes true; the second task is challanging but inescapable, but the third... what can be easier than planting a tree? Is it easy to plant a tree? It's as easy as 1-2-3...

From Gordon the Palmaholic

Pray to the Palm God but be ready to pull the plug

"In this space, I’ve told you about everything I know about growing palms —what kind to plant, where to plant them, how to take care of them, how to fertilize them, how to diagnose their ailments. The one thing I haven’t told you is when to pull the plug on one. Yes, despite your best efforts and despite all the knowledge you’ve absorbed, I can guarantee you are going to have palms that get sick. Very sick."

Nature's food and pharmacy

Sapote: a Natural Sweetness

Ancient Aztecs had a special name for all sweet fruit - “tzapotl”, which in Nahuatl language means “sweet and soft fruit”. The word is incorporated into the common names of several unrelated fruit-bearing plants, some of them even belonging to different families, but originated in the same subtropical to tropical areas...


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